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Global Navigation Satellite Systems


ADS-B Exchange (10127)
RTK PowerGPS II PRO - Google Play の Android アプリ
アンドロイドRTKLIB / RTKNAVIポート。Androidの下にRTKLIB互換GNSSを使用してください!
NTRIP Caster Setup | Lefebure
GNSS Data Post-Processing | An Introduction to GNSS | NovAtel
NovAtel’s OEM GPS receivers, antennas, GPS+Inertial and software products lead the GNSS industry in reliability, innovation and support.
Lefebure NTRIP Client - Android Apps on Google Play
NTRIP Client for high accuracy GNSS receivers.
NTRIP/CORS: How it works and what is involved? | Precision Point Blog | Ag Leader Technology
A technical topic explained: NTRIP, CORS and VRS are different things. However the terms are often used synonymously in our industry. NTRIP: Network Transport of RTCM via Internet Protocol and CORS: Continuously Operating Reference Station are forms of RTK differential correction that are done through the use of a cellular modem and base station network.
RTK on a Smartphone Running AutoCAD: I Did It Last Week : GPS World
CRTN: California Real Time Network


Smartphones, Tablets and GPS Accuracy | ArcGIS Blog
Centimeter-Level RTK Accuracy More and More Available — for Less and Less : GPS World
GPS Topics
Nightmare on GIS Street: Accuracy, Datums, and Geospatial Data : Geospatial Solutions
RTK GNSS Receivers: A Flooded Market? : GPS World


Microsoft PowerPoint - Datum-RefSyst 2012.7a-CRTN Wkshop.pptx - Datum-RefSyst_2012.7v1_post-Ontario4.pdf
Converting GPS Height into NAVD88 Elevation with the GEOID96 Geoid Height Model
U.S. Survey Feet Versus International Feet | GeoDataPoint
State Plane Coordinate Systems and U.S. Survey Foot
Microsoft Word - NGVD-NAVD Round 3.doc - ngvd_navd.pdf - Convert NGVD29 to NAVD88
How do we convert the vertical datum from NAD_1983 to NAVD 1988 or vice versa? - ResearchGate
I think you meant to say convert from NGVD29 to NAVD88, which are both vertical datums. The shift between the two varies over the US ( Note NAD83 is usually a horizontal datum for State Plane or UTM. I typically use


Zeno 20 Handheld | GIS Android or Windows | Leica Geosystems
Shop our new line of Zeno 20 handheld GIS asset collectors for Android or Windows. The official online store of Leica Geosystems® ZENO and CS25 products.
Juniper Geode Sub-Meter GPS Receivers
Geode is a real-time sub-meter all-in-one Bluetooth GPS/GNSS receiver designed to interface with Juniper Systems and third-party field data collection systems.
USGlobalsat Corporate
Webinars - GeoSpatial Experts LLC
Receive email about upcoming webinars from GeoSpatial Experts. View our past webinars on field data collection with GeoJot+
Precise Point Positioning (PPP) | u-blox
High accuracy sub-meter positioning
Septentrio Absorbs Altus Positioning | Inside GNSS